Ride Report: posted for “Nace3/Ace” McAdams

Glad to do it, with pictures borrowed from the Last Patrol M/C Website below ( Thank you Brothers ) We had what I thought was a successful mission to Juniper Village. Leslie Drummond, Director of Nursing at the facility and Founder of the Yellow Ribbon Club was our Master of ceremony. Our WWR group along with backup from the Last Patrol, and Nam Knights M/C’s, arrived at the Facility precisely at 2:00 for the beginning of the festivities. We were welcomed by the residents and the guest, and quickly took our place as invited participants in the events to follow. With our veterans seated up front Leslie began the day with the National Anthem, after all the vets present including ourselves were invited to touch the flag including the POW / MIA  flag below the Stars and Stripes. Leslie then called on LTC Brian K. Scully assistant Chief of Staff at Fort Dix.to speak to the guest on the importance of honoring out Vets past, present, and future. Along with other speakers Rich ( Redbeard )  asked me to speak on behalf of the Warrior Watch Riders. My goal in speaking was to acknowledge  the Veterans both on the stage and in the audience  with special acknowledgement to Leslie for putting the event together, Great Job!  Leslie also wanted everyone to know that Juniper village is a drop off point for articles needed by our troops overseas. Items donated will be forwarded to our troops, by the Yellow Ribbon Club. The address of Juniper Village is 1640 S. Black Horse Pike Williamstown, NJ. (For a complete list of items needed for our troops visit: http://www.yellowribbonclub.org/donate_supplies.htm )  we could make life for them just a little easier. I plan on making a run there in the next couple of weeks with a few friends to drop off some collected donations and say hi to the vets there. If anyone else would like to do this, i’m sure it will be appreciated. To sum thing up, I think it was a good day for us and the residents who were very impressed with the bikes and the events that followed. The Vets were given their WWR coins by the riders, which by the way they would not let go off the coins for anything it meant alot to them. Oh and by the way, thank you Roger (Ultrarog) for entertaining the girls at the home with rides on your new bike. They were thrilled, it was cute to see them waving and so happy. I think Roger was happy as well, (new numbers in his black book) Just kidding, Roger was a good sport and certainly did not hurt our reputation any. 

Thank you to all that helped out 
Nace McAdams 
  ( Nace3 )