Ride Report posted for  Shawn “Trashman”.

 We met up at the second rally point, probably about ten bikes.  We were also joined by the Mantua Pd., which took point to escort us to the main rally point.  Once at the main rally point, we met with the rest of the group. A good fifty bikes strong!  Also with us was the Cherry Hill PD and Fire department. We left main rally point enroute to Hero’s home with Cherry Hill Pd blocking the intersections and once at the Hero’s house, we gave him our famous rock-star treatment. When Sgt. Slater realized the welcome was for him, it brought him to tears, as well as smiles to his wife and kids faces. After many certificates and coinings of the hero, we learned about Len.  Len was a World War Two Vet, who was also coined by the Warrior’s Watch riders that day, and  at that point, someone in the crowd yelled out that it was Len’s birthday. We all sang happy birthday to Len! We also gave a welcome home cheer to an officer from the Cherry Hill PD who was in the first gulf war.  I then read SGT. SLATER’S bio to the crowd.  To close it off, I quoted Maria from AHW and Cavalier from the WWR. I turned the hero over to the crowd, with a little more mug and hug for our hero, and at that point we mounted back up and rolled on out.We set out on a mission to give a long overdue welcome to a Vietnam vet, and we were successful. A great job by all groups and independent riders!  I thank Lillian for all ur help as well as WWR for their help ty guys……A big thank u gos out to: ROUGHNECKS NJ..CAMDEN COUNTY SHERIFFS DEPT…MANTUA PD…CHERRY HILL PD…CHERRY HILL FD….LAST PATROL….NAM KNIGHTS…..VFW POST 2174….RIDERS OF THE LAMB….WWR…..ALL INDEPENDENT RIDERS…..I apologize if we missed any groups and did not list you on here , I assure it was just an over sight!!!!!