Ride Report posted for Budman

We met at Our Rally Point Naples Harley Davidson at 2015 hours where a ride brief was given at 2030 hours and the kickstands went up at 2045 hours.  When we arrived at the Airport we proceeded to Concourse D to await the arrival of Our Package SFC Corey DeGarmo at 2145 and met the reporter from WINK News and talked to him about why we do what we do to Honor the Service Members coming home. We also had members from ALR, PGR, and The Lee County Republican Women’s Club there to help Welcome Home Corey from Korea.
 Due to changes in flight schedule the plane arrived at 2210 at the gate and SFC DeGarmo deplaned and arrived at the Concourse at 2215 to Hugs and Kisses from His Son and Daughter and a very happy wife (Smurf).

After the Family Mug and Hug was done, Smurf led her hubby to the flag line where all of the Veterans present rendered a Hand Salute and then proceeded to Hug and Thank Corey for His Service and Sacrifice for Our Country.

After all the Hugs and Thanks were given to Corey we presented Him with His Honor Coin and a Set of Honor Beads.  We also surprised Smurf with Her own set of coin and beads for Her Service and Sacrifice when she was in the Army and also a Vietnam Veteran who rode with us up from Naples who finally received his long over due Welcome Home with a coin and beads from a Grateful Nation.

After the presentation of the coins and beads we made like smoke and left so Smurf and kids could start to enjoy their time with Corey who is home till 3 November when they all head out to the new posting in Va.

US Navy ’87-’89
Cold War Veteran
SWF State Coordinator
Warriors Watch Riders