Ride Report posted for RC 1Lt Adam Laurich

Weather turned out to be a breezy 60 degrees as riders showed up to the Kmart parking lot to surprise PFC Martin McHenry. A Joliet squad car and motorcycle escort arrived with more than enough time to receive handshakes and presentation of Warriors Watch Beads. The motorcycle cop, Sergeant Phillip Stice served his time overseas and was extremely receptive to our foundation and patriotism.

The vehicle to carry PFC McHenry and friends arrived on time for a ride brief with the Joliet Police Department, communication and understanding the finalized route prior to briefing the riders.

Total of 10 riders showed with flags and flashing lights. We rolled with thunder to the house of PFC McHenry, where his friends had him waiting outside. Man was he surprised!!! Lots of handshakes and hugs. Then on through downtown Joliet, rattling windows past the courthouse and blasting horns past the Joliet Jackhammers stadium. We rolled past the old Joliet Prison and through Lockport. Just north of Lockport we were joined by the Lemont PD in a new Charger with blinding strobe lights and later the Lemont FD. The Lemont Officer had also served time overseas and had a similar reaction as the Joliet Officer when I presented him our WWR beads. Our convoy roared into Lemont with horns, lights, and thunder and we rocked the VFW!

Outside the VFW we presented coin, beads, and thread. Pictures were taken and we did a little speech. (Which included me commenting on Bob Smith rocking out to the “Who Let the Dogs Out” and Britney Spears while riding next to me dancing lol) Of course, the VFW hooked our hero up with shots and a few riders stayed for a few beers. Post Commander Jim Brown was very excited to have the WWR bring the Soldier by.
1LT Adam Laurich
*God Bless This Nation*
*God Bless The Soldier*