Ride Report posted for Ride Captain Glen DeVries, who writes:  “I wish to dedicate this ride report to the Spouses of the Heros that protect our freedom.”  

With 29 years of military service, this career hero was well due a Welcome Home.  US Army CW2 Timothy Moran started off with the US AirForce when was 17 years old as an MP.  He then joined the US Army as a Paratrooper and has been with the US Army since 1987.  He is now with the US Army Intelligence Department and has been in Iraq since March, 2010.
WWR was contacted by Tims wife and asked if we could do anything.  She was overwhelmed and pleased with the plans of a Meet n Greet Welcome Home at their house.  The Evergreen Park Police and Fire Departments joined the many bikes and cages gathered at the staging area a few blocks from Tims home.  After the ride brief, we called Tims wife and told her we were on our way.  With Police and Fire leading the escort, we neared Tims home and could see him and his family standing out front.  We greeted them with a loud Welcome Home and passed out hugs and Thank Yous.  Everyone gathered around for the presentation of the thread from the website, the coin and the beads.  Tim signed the Welcome Home Banner and pictures were taken with family and friends.  We thanked Tim for his years of service, blessed him and his family and said our goodbyes.

A few days after Tims welcome home, he called me.  He wanted to personally say thank you and how special it made him and his family feel.  Tim said he was grateful for the support that we gave his wife to arrange with welcome home.  He said he was just doing his job, but his wife is his real hero.  She has to be mother, father and housekeeper when he is gone.  Tim wondered if people really knew how much the spouses of the military go through when they are out just doing their job. 

God Bless the Spouses of the Heroes that protect our freedom.