PRide Report posted for Doug
On Saturday Oct 2, 2010 the WWR welcomed home two combat Marines from Afghanistan.  Over 65 members, family, friends and LEOs formed a flag line In Willowbrook, IL.  After the Marines arrived we escorted them to a party in Clarendon Hills, IL.  Our motorcade included forty some bikes and ten or fifteen cages.  We were escorted by squad cars from Willowbrook and Clarendon Hills as well as fire engines from Clarendon Hills and Tri State fire departments.  One fire chief and a deputy police chief joined us.  The Westmont Police Department had squad cars at all major intersections through Westmont to handle traffic. 
The Marines were shocked and very moved by the level of our support.  The families were brought to tears.  We certainly made the Marines feel like the rock stars they are.  They both expressed their profound thanks as did their families. 
Thanks to the loyal members and our leaders and coordinators who supported this honorable mission, the above mentioned Police and Fire departments and the families of these young heroes.  Most of all thanks to these Marines who put their behinds on the line and their lives on hold to protect our freedom and way of life.
Doug Askren