Ride Report posted for Redbeard

With the change of the weather here,  I was completely ready to put on my leather this morning and take off for our first Rally point.

 Crisp air, The Sun shinning through the trees, and hardly anyone on the road Made the little trip over to the Rally points a beautiful ride. The fact that we were heading out to do a Welcome home for a Returning Hero puts all those beautiful things about the day in perspective. Without those who ensure our freedoms and way of life, where would we be? … I don’t even want to think about it.

As we were doing the ride brief with still about 25 minutes to spare on our depart time my phone sounded with a Text message. I thought to myself ,…someone was going to be late to the rally point….

 NOPE….. it was our Heroes Wife and celebration organizer Kathy, telling me they just finished coffee and the check was in their hand…

We were scheduled to do a MUG and HUG at the front door of a small Diner that our Hero was eating at with his family, Change in plan.. If we hurry we can make it a FLY BY pick-up but we are gonna have to be quick.  No problem at all, We mounted up and headed to the diner… As we pulled up our Her and His family where out front, of course with the Big Flags flying on the bikes, The thunderous roar of what was about 35 bikes and the horns blasting there was no mistaking who we were there for and what we were doing. The Grin on our heroes face and the smiles of his wife and three children put that so called cherry on-top of the beautiful day,  And it wasn’t even 11 AM yet. With the help of the Woolwich Police, the WWR took over the parking lot and street side and proceded to perform that Mug and Hug right there in the parking lot.  We again mounted up and took off, Hero and Family enveloped in the line of Bikes and Cars and our LEO escort front and Now Back . We detoured the escort from its original path to do a quick drive through of our Heroes Neighborhood. , His Party was being held at their local football field so we wanted to do a little Buzzing of the neighbors just so everyone knew their local hero was Home from Iraq.

The Police from Logan Township and Woolwich made this escort go so smoothly, even tho we had to back track over roads you might have thought this was planned and practiced for months. As we pulled up to the football field where the nieghborhood, friends, and loved ones of the McAvoy family where… you could see that this hero was loved and missed by all who know him. Signes lined the streets, Balloons and flags waved and the sea of people where on both sides of the street as we rolled into and through them parking in the little spot they left open for us. We presented Our hero with that Magic coin… and also Honored the other hero present, Kathy the devoted wife.  With a very nice speech and musical entertainment which included a local high School band and a trio a cappela singing group, It made this escort one for the memory books. I have to add one last thing, Thank you needs to go out to Maria from A-heroes-Welcome, for standing by to MC the event for us if needed… Although you volunteered for the position under duress, we appreciate you taking it on.(Smiles)

To Major Thomas McAvoy, We stand shoulder to shoulder thanking you for both your Service and your dedication to this great country. And to your wife Kathy and your three children, indeed you have a Hero for a husband and a dad and we thank you for the sacrifices you have endured while he was away in the continued efforts of ensuring our freedoms and way of life that we all love so dearly.

God bless you all, and God bless this great country.



Rich “RedBeard” Brewer