Ride Report posted for Neil Pawelczak

LCDR Steven R Michaels was born in Chicago in March 1963.  He enlisted in the US Navy Reserve in Dec 1993 E-3 Electronics Technician.  He was awarded Blue Jacket of the Quarter 2Q95.  Rose to rank of E-5 and scored in the 96th percentile on the E-6 exam.  In April 1999 he received a direct commission as O-1 in the Engineering Duty Officer Qualification Program.  He did two tours in the conversion and repair of the USS Cole in Pascagoula Ms and at sea duty on board the USS Boone during the Sept 11 terrorist attacks.

It was a great night, clear and sunny.  At the staging area we had about 20 bikes show up to welcome home Steven.  The Hoffman Estates Fire Department Sent out a water truck and the police department sent out a squad to provide us a full escort to the home, which is always greatly appreciated and we thank them.  We gathered, performed a ride brief, and I call Carol Michaels (Steven’s wife of three years) and told her we were on our way.  We mounted up and followed the Police Officer with the Fire Department bringing up the tail in an excellent escort.  We pulled up to the house (Motors ROARING and Welcome Home Faithful Soldier Playing Loud) and Steven and his family and friends were standing outside with flags flying in the yard.  The local news media was at the home recording us as we came down the street and the welcome home.  We all embraced him and announced welcome home.  The ride captan then presented Steven with a copy of the thread from the website and explained what it was, a challenge coin in quiet handshake, and presented and explained our mission beads.  He then signed one of our banners and took pictures with everyone.  We then talked a little bit and it came out that his parents were there and they were both retired ARMY!  We then pooled together two more sets of beads and presented his parents as well.

    It was a great welcome home and everyone was very appreciative and Steven also said he was looking us up and helping now too.  So a GREAT welcome home, TWO bonus military personnel to present, and a new WWR member as well.  THANK YOU STEVEN FOR ALL YOUR SACRIFICES!!!!