Ride Report posted for Jinksey

Personally, for Sherry and I it was a great day. Great to muster and ride with all our DE and PA Brothers and Sisters and honor Mr. Hume WWR Tri State style. Simply awsome!

When the SNJ WWR rolled up on the primary rally point there were already 35+ bikes and half a dozen cages from all over the Tri State area, Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We rallied 55 bikes, cages, and Lower Township PD. We rolled at 6:15 heading to Cape May Point. We turned a few heads and picked up some curious on lookers along the way. I think they heard us coming? We arrived at the Point, where hundreds were already on the beach, shopping in the souvenir stand, or getting a bite to eat, some where there for the sunset and then there those that were there waiting for the lowering of the flag that flew on a 35 foot flag pole and stood on the edge of the beach. The flag flying today like all other flags flown on this flag pole are the flags that have draped the coffins of American Hero’s. The man we here to honor has been honoring Hero’s every day from this flag pole on Sunset Beach in Cape May NJ, during sunset every day for 37 years.

Everyone snapped too, when they heard the voice of Mr. Marvin Hume over the loud speakers. Mr. Hume had yet not seen the motorcycles. He was still inside where he gives everyone instructions over the load speaker on how the crowd outside should Honor the flag. Once he finished his daughter Sharon reads a brief bio of the Hero whose flag is being flown that day. While Sharon read the bio Mr. Hume made his way from the confines of his store to the flag pole on the beach. All the MC’s and WWR members lined up parallel to the beach with 3X5’s flying did not seem to phase Mr. Hume. He got right to the bottom of the flag pole and made ready to lower the flag. Then the first of three songs. First Kate Smith singing “God Bless America“, then our National Anthem, and last Taps while the flag was being lowered and while the sun was setting  across the bay.

The flag was then folded with the help of a few of our members and presented to the family. The next voice we hear over the load speakers is that of our own Tiny/Biggysize. Tiny tells the crowd to hold on a minute, we have another hero to honor today. Tiny read aloud the bio of Mr. Marvin Hume, who is also a WWII hero and severed in the U.S. Navy as a Petty Officer 2ND Class and Aviation Machinist Mate. He served for 3 years and 1 day. Marvin served in the following WWII Campaigns – Okinawa, Iwo Jima, Siapan, and the Philippians. He served on 6 different Air Craft Carriers and Aviation Repair Vessels. Including the USS Megara. It only seemed fitting to have “T”, Tiny and Huggy hand Mr. Hume the honor coin. Maria from “A Hero’s Welcome” was also on hand to honor Mr. Hume. On this day we also honored the family whose hero was being honored by Mr. Hume.

Dave Jinks