Ride Report posted for Pete Flowers, aka Fungi 
It was an honor to welcome home Marine Sgt. Joseph Gentile on Friday, Aug. 27.  We rallied at Pathmark in Fairless Hills at 1700 and by 1730 we had at least 40 bikes and 3 cages.  We departed at 1750 for a short ride to Morrisville to Joe’s home for a Mug-n-Hug.  Joe was there with his wife and 2 young sons.  He was in shock, to say the least, after all of the Thank You’s.  We coined our Hero and Maria presented him with her certificate from A Heroes Welcome.  We also coined Joe’s father, who also served in the Marines.  As we mounted up, we were informed of a Viet Nam Vet who came out to see what was going on.  We then all thanked him with a mug-n-hug and coining. 
We had a lot of new faces join us for this mission.  Looking forward to seeing them again as they were all impressed with the experience.  Thanks to Bobcat, Huggy, Maria and the rest of our WWR family.