Ride Report posted for RC Glen DeVries.
The Warriors Watch Riders was contacted by an aunt of our hero.  She told us about her nephew, Army SPC Kevin Akre and the 2 tours of duty he served in Iraq.  She said “No one else ever welcomed home Kevin”.  She wasn’t going to say that for much longer.  We would make her wish come true and give Kevin the Welcome Home he deserved. 
The family planned a Welcome Home backyard BBQ party and told Kevin it was a birthday party for a uncle, just to keep it a surprise. 
We gathered at the staging area awaiting the time to depart to our destination.  The 25 bikes and 5 cages were led by the Grundy County Sheriffs Department.  As we entered Mazon, we were joined by the Mazon Volunteer Department and Police Department.  We were quite a site.  As we pulled up to the party being held in honor of Kevin, we were greeted by about 50 family members and friends.  We gathered around our hero and passed out hugs and well wishes.  He was presented with coins and beads and other tokens of our appreciation.  Photos were taken and we were on our way so the family could continue on with their party.  Thank you to the police and fire departments and to Aunt Pat for inviting us to join in this happy occasion.  God Bless SPC Kevin Akre and thank you for volunteering to protect our freedom.