Ride Report posted for John Delievers


A handful of riders made an uneventful ride down to Mikes Famous in DE.  Well, it was uneventful until the RC made a wrong turn into oncoming traffic.  Luckily no one went down or had to change their shorts….just sayin’.

 The extended Malandro family arrived by Limo-bus. The WWR had about fifteen bikes and a handful of cages for this escort.  It took a while but our Hero and his family arrived, luckily, before the rain.  American flags were held high as Joe was greeted with hugs, handshakes, and backslaps, with shouts of Welcome Home filling the air.   

 After Joe recovered from the onslaught of well-wishers, he went inside Mike’s Famous to receive a Hero t-shirt.  We made a quick exit due to weather theatrics filling the air.  

 NJSP picked us up on the fly as we rolled up I295.  We made our way, under escort, to the Nicholson rd exit from Route 130.  As we turned the corner we encountered a Fire Company, at the curb line, saluting our Hero.  Their ladder truck was out front, with a large American flag hanging down, for our Hero and the world to see.  Only a handful of blocks up the road this scene was repeated with another Fire Company truck and personnel.  If the impending storm wasn’t enough to make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, the sight of these two fire companies was.  Families were waiting for us to pass by, signs with the words “Welcome Home Joe” held in their hands.  If this doesn’t give a returning Hero the “Rock Star Treatment” nothing ever will.

 Once at the VFW we made our way inside just before a major deluge of rain made itself known.  Multiple presentations by various people were made to Joe, all deservedly so.  The other Hero in the family, Joe’s wife Jennifer, received a “Military Spousal Certificate” too.   

 Thank you to those who braved the weather today to bring home an American Hero.  Kudos to NJSP, Oaklyn PD, West Collingswood FD, Haddon Twp FD, Oaklyn FD, Audubon PD, the Yellow Ribbon Club, and my brothers and sisters of the WWR.

Respectfully submitted by JohnDelivers