Ride Report posted for Maria

Our welcome for STGSN Victor Williams, U.S. Navy had a very slow start, on again off again but finally we put our game faces on and made it happen. 

The ride from the Miller mission went off flawlessly… OH DID I SAY THAT??? NOT.. we left Huggy, Kimmy, Lee and our Leatheneck, Doc behind…. I’m really sorry about that.. I knew it was too good to be true, but thanks to Calamity and Judy Marie, they caught up.

It was a beautiful ride through the country side of Telford, Greenlane park and out Rt. 73 to Oley/ Fleetwood.  It took almost an hour but it was a sunny day so it was “all good”. 

We arrived in Fleetwood 1/2 hr ahead of schedule and had a chance to relax, have some tomato pie and let Fungi tell a few jokes… as usual, they weren’t that funny but it did break the monotony!

We had some visitors that were driving by and stopped, LCpl. Brandon McCully’s Mom and sister (we welcomed Brandon home a few months back in Reading, PA) … they were driving by, saw the bikes and had to stop! 

We had some new folks join us too, Tina Crognale, her husband, Bob and their 3 children came out from Drexel Hill to join us in this welcome… another person that heard my plea for help with this welcome. 

 Soon, Larry Jones, Victor’s stepdad, joined us to give the go ahead for KSU and time to head over to their home less than a mile away.  He was our lead bike, riding into the family yard and leading us around with lots of  horns and noise.. true Warriors’ Watch Style.  At this time, we did a Mug and Hug for Victor and thanked him for his service.  He was really surprised to say the least! and then, the grand guest of honor, George Abraham, Victor’s grandfather, a Korean Conflict and Vietnam War Veteran who served in the US Army for 20 years.  He was a real gentleman and was truly touched by our show of appreciation for both his grandson and himself. 

We did the group shot, made a few new friends and said our goodbyes.  It was really a wonderful welcome home. 

Thanks Peeps, when you say “we’ve got your back” you really mean it….you all stood behind me on this one and I appreciate it!  I didn’t want to let this Mom down for her son, or her Father.. both, deserving Veterans…

God Bless!!!