Ride Report posted for Dave C.

What start as a sad day as we all had gathered to honor our Fallen brother Al “Bluesman” Philo end with a send off mission at the WB/S International Airport/ Avoca. Five bikes, and 7 patriots escorted Curt Jr  and his family to the WB/S Airport in Avoca for a proper send off. Curt Jr is on his way to Okinawa, Japan for a two year tour. We coined him with a FoTF coin and reminded him of the purpose of the coin and told him also to not be afraid to pass it on We will send him more.
As we were at the airport coining him we met a Vietnam Vet so we welcome him home, we sent off a Army Soldier and coined his parents who were Army Vets themselves.
So to say the least 8/2/ 2010 ended in a day that I think most of us will never forget. Rest in peace AL you have set a very high standard for us in NEPA we will continue on with your mission. AL one last request if I ever loose track of the cause, just give me a nudge to get me back on track.