Report posted for: RC Glen DeVries

My son, Sgt Albert Grzywacz US Army left Iraq this morning our time to come home on leave. He is keeping his wife updated as to his flight
status,and she is updating us. I know he has to go to Kuwait and wait for a flight out.

I know this is short notice and not much information, but I am pretty sure this is the way it must go for most welcomings.

It would be greatly appreciated if you guys can help us out.

Thank you
Leo and Pat Grzywacz
Proud Parents

The above request was sent to N IL WWR in hopes of welcoming home US Army Sgt Albert Grzywacz. Albert served 3 years as a member of the 82nd
Airborne out of Ft. Bragg. He left the Army for 3 years and then decided to reactivate in August of 2009. He was assigned to the reserve unit
of the Texas National Guard 77th Infiltry, also known as the Texas ReadyTeam.

He made expert on the rifle range and was assigned to a detail to guard a LT. Colonel. Alberts last MOS was guarding a 2-Star General in Baghdad.
He enjoyed a two week leave, with his wife, family and his dog before heading back to Iraq.