Warriors Weekend Ride Report, posted for Rick

A beautiful day dawned as I rode to Port O’Connor TX to meet the Wounded Heroes on Saturday. As I approached the small town, the roadside was dotted with flags and signs welcoming the visiting Heroes. A small pack of bikes was going the opposite direction, followed rapidly by a larger group flying flags and banners.

I turned and joined the last group and rode another fifty miles to the staging area in Victoria, TX. We had barely introduced ourselves to Victoria LEO when the call came over their radios. “There’s six busses and a whole mess of bikes coming fast!” was the report. Twenty bikes fired up and watched as the flashing lights of Victoria County Sheriffs Department crested the hill. We joined the already moving motorcade on the fly.

A slow loop around the city of Victoria was met with flags flying and cheers from residents while we passed through. Even the small towns on the country roads back to Port O’Connor were lined with cheering patriots.

The assembled Riders were from Blue Knights (who assisted LEO with road guard duties) American Legion Riders from several posts, VFW Motor Guard, Fire and Iron MC, a couple of HOG Chapters and lots of independent Riders filled the pack of close to 100 bikes in the escort.

We got to Port O’Connor and slowed down at the Community center (where festivities would be in the evening) to a thick crowd of cheering supporters and a field of memorial flags. Winding through the narrow streets to the marina, local PD kept all in smooth order as the busses parked and began to discharge their precious cargo.

As each Wounded Hero emerged, the assembled crowd shook the windows of nearby buildings with cheers and applause. Boats choked the ramps as Soldiers were assisted onto them. Some singly, some in small groups, depending on the size of the volunteer’s craft. Towards the last, there were extra boats, and the promoters invited any and all Veterans to an afternoon of fishing!

As I walked the grounds, one bearded Viet Nam Veteran stopped me and took my hand. As we shook hands he commented “So, this is the way it was supposed to be for us.” We both smiled and said ‘Welcome Home’ at the same time.