Ride Report posted for Spike

Johnny’s mom, Beth went onto the WWR website and sent in this request to bring her son home.  Beth drove out to Montana to meet her son and was driving back to California with him.  Since we really couldn’t tell when they would arrive home, we decided to set this up for a Thursday night at a local restaurant.  We staged at Starbucks in Livermore with 12 bikes.  We rolled over to the restaurant and parked right in front.  The family has a ranch out in Livermore, which is actually a group home.  So, Bryan Welden of the Lafayette Flag Brigade, Tami Jenkins of the Livermore Military Families and Snapshot of WWR and Pleasanton Military Families were all waiting for us at the house.  We dismounted and went inside the restaurant looking for Johnny. 

We grabbed him up and got him in his car, then headed up to their house.  As we rolled up the two lane road toward the house up on a hill, and got close to the driveway, we could see all the camera flashes.  We were met by friends and family waving their flags and cheering.  We got Johnny out of the car and situated in front of Bryan’s large flag.  We presented him with a flag and cards of appreciation, certificates and coins and one big, giant Welcome Home cake, which we all had a piece to make sure it was OK.  Welcome Home Johnny!