This mission came to me from one of our WWR riders, Faith as the family is her neighbor. The plan was for Anthony to be at a Little League baseball game in Discovery Bay. We staged at Starbucks (we LOVE our cup ‘o Joe) with 18 bikes, two cages and one POW/MIA Corvette. We were supposed to meet a limo down the streeet & escort the limo to the ball field. We got the limo and headed down to the ball field. We came to a stop at the entrance. This ball field is a community ball field in the middle of a residential area. Instead of getting stuck inside the parking lot, we parked on the street and took up the whole area with a couple of riders acting as traffic control. As we dismounted the bikes, Anthony and his family headed towards us.

Terry, Anthony’s mom, was in tears when she saw us! We loaded up the family into the limo and proceeded to escort them to the house in Brentwood. We were met by Bryan Welden and the Lafayette Flag Brigade, friends and neighbors. One of the riders that attended this Welcome Home for the first time was a Walnut Creek motor P.D. Officer who helped us with Captain Beth Holtgren’s homecoming. He wanted to be a part of WWR on an unofficial basis. When I told Anthony who he was, he couldn’t believe it! Anthony was ushered up in front of the 50 ft. US flag for the ceremony. He was presented with a flag, cards of appreciation and well wishes, certificates and coins and of course, mugs & hugs. He was totally blown away! Also in the crowd was one of our young Marines that we brought home a couple months prior – Chris Motl. Seems to be the norm that our Welcome Home Service Members find their way and find the time to attend other celebrations in the area. It feels like one big family! Welcome Home Anthony and good luck on your Embassy Security duty.