Ride Report posted for Spike

Clint Rarey is the son of our rider – Chromeghost.  Clint was leaving for deployment so we decided to catch him at the local Chili’s restaurant.  Chromeghost and his family arrived at Chili’s around 5pm with the riders staged at Starbucks – about a block away.  For this special send-off, we even had a Vespa join us (Captain Weber).  I decided to have the Vespa be our lead bike to escort us to the house.  When we arrived at Chili’s, we were 15 bikes strong.  We parked and all went inside the restaurant.  Clint had no idea what was going on!  We left Chili’s and got staged up to head for the house.

  Once we arrived at the house, we were greeted by friends & family that weren’t at the restaurant.  Clint was presented with a coin and a 6-pack of beer.  Karen, his mom, had prepared several snacks for us and the friends & family.  Since we all know each other, we are family too.  We stayed, we ate and hung out with Clint for a few hours.  We are looking forward to his speedy and safe return