Ride Report posted for Spike

This ride came about by our friend, Ray who drives the POW/MIA Corvette.  He and his wife are huge supporters of the WWR and enjoy riding with us whenever possible.  Ray & Jeanette frequent a local diner – The Brentwood Cafe’ (a huge supporter of WWR).  This Marines mom is a waittress for The Brentwood Cafe’ and mentioned to Ray that her son was coming home, so the mission was on.  We staged at a local Starbucks.  Mama J was early so she invited another rider having some coffee to join us.  He left to fuel up and came back to 15 bikes and the POW/MIA car getting ready to ride to the cafe’.  When we got to the restaurant, everyone dismounted and went inside to mug and hug this young Marine.  His mom was bursting with pride as each of us thanked him for his service.  We hung around for a while as we were waiting on the fire department to escort us.  As we stood around outside, we ran into a Vietnam Veteran and his wife entering the cafe’.  ALL of the group went over to him and thanked him for his service.  He began to weep and hung his head.  We asked him if he had a computer so he could hear of our missions.  He said he did but it wasn’t working so good.  Chromeghost offered his services to come & take a look for free.  Mama J invited him to the upcoming Vietnam Veteran Welcome Home & Thank You Celebration and he was blown away!
Back to the Marine – mom got the call from the fire department that they weren’t able to escort us so we mounted up and escorted them to their home in Discovery Bay.  We rounded the corner of their street and Bryan Welden of Lafayette Flag Brigade was there with the community cheering and waving their flags.  Kevin Graves, a Gold Star Dad and President of the Discovery Bay H.O. Association was there to present his sons coin.  James received an LFB flag with cards of thanks & appreciation as well as coins and a lot of hugs.  Since this ride, James’ dad now rides with us!  Welcome Home James, Welcome Home!