*****RIDE Report with the help of words from Calamity*****

This mission like all Honor missions are difficult at times. It was with the help of Al and his Northern connections that were were able to assemble such a good turn out for this young warrior. The funeral director was very happy to assist us in any way and was delighted that we would be able to stand Honors.

At least 25 members from various groups and various distances stood honor for this young man. The Funeral Home had the display Al showed in his picture (Soldiers Last Stand) and we were not to stand along the street where we would block others from seeing it on the porch. The front of the funeral home was barracaded for about 500 ft. so that there would be NO interruptions for this family,

A fly over was scheduled, but at that time a storm with lightening and hail took place; unfortunately it had to be cancelled. The funeral home staff insisted we come onto the porch and/or under the carport to get out of the storm and handed out pins – either the folded flag with “honor” under it or the boots with rifle and helmet.

Mom and her boyfriend came out, greeted all of us and she said “thank you for honoring my son”. His high school coach shook all hands and thanked us. A few others did the same thing; the daughter of our Lansdale honor mission for the gentleman who was part of the Band of Brothers was there and thanked us again also. This little show of respect from us; these few hours we spend,…..

About a block down the street, two fire company ladder trucks formed the arch with the American flag between them. Numerous vehicles honked as they went by, many drivers saluted.
We showed many members of the community and family that this soldier indeed did not make the ultimate sacrifice in vain. Austin Gated Benson you will not be forgotten for your dedicated service and sacrifice for this country R.I.P airman and God Rest you Soul.