Saturday night, 5/8/2010, the Warriors Watch Riders and WWRC gathered to welcome home one of our heroes. The rally point was set at Eagle Diner in the home town of our hero. I arrived to find a small contingency of bikes already on location. As the minutes passed, the bikes and cages just kept coming. Wow, what a great turnout! I was proud to stand before this group and give my final rally speech, before mounting up and heading to the Smedley’s to meet our hero. We were met enroute by Warrington’s finest. As we pulled up to the Smedley’s house, lights and sirens blarring, bikes roaring, the neighbors came out to show their support. When Jeff walked out of the front door, the smile said it all. Great job surprising this great Marine. The family was moved and so was Jeff. As I approached Jeff for the Mugs and Hugs, I slipped him the ‘Coin’ and whispered a message. After greeting the entire group it was time to mount up. We placed Jeff and his sister in a cage, right in the middle of our bikes. Our LEO support pulled out and we made some noise. Warrington, Doylestown Boro and Doylestown Township LEOs made sure we had a fine escort and safe ride to our final destination. The noise was intense as we drove through downtown Doylestown. Store patrons came out to see what all of the commotion was about. As they saw the magnets on Jeffs cage, saying American Hero on Board, they waved to the smiling Marine. We pulled into the parking lot of the American Legion Post in Doylestown. There were people lining the street and driveway. Then it was a quick speech by a proud father and mother and an invitation to the group to join in the festivities. Boy can Mrs. Smedley cook. It was a great party as Jeff was honored from a State Senetor and presented with his certificates. There was a display on one of the side tables, with pictures documenting Jeff’s carreer in the Corps, along with a few of Jeff’s accomplishments. This truely is one of our heros. Well, as the Riders faded off into the night, the family settled in to continue celebrating with their Marine. As I left I looked back on a wonderful mission and thought that this is truley what it should be like for all of our veterans. Welcome home Corporal and God speed on your next assignment. Ride On. – MarineDad