Ride Report posted for Doug

The WWR with the aid of Welcome You Home did a welcome home mission for Cpl. Drew Montgomery USMC Saturday evening.  About seventy five members and guests showed up at the Holiday Inn Naperville to thank this Marine for his service.  We presented Drew with our honor coin and beads as well as a copy of the mission announcement courtesy of Welcome You Home.  After a rousing rendition of the Marine Corps Hymn and many hugs and a few pictures we mounted up.  With 30 bikes and 15 cages we led our Marine riding in the Marine One limo furnished and driven by Peter of American Limo Naperville to the family home.  At the Marines home we were met by many neighbors, more family and a small brass band.  The Mom was moved to tears and the Marine was touched.  The  Father of the Marine was very proud.  All told it was a very exciting and joyful occasion.

My thanks to the Naperville Police for keeping us safe, the Fire Dept. for showing up and the bagpipers and brass band for some great music. Thanks to our great members, affiliated groups and the neighbors for showing up to honor this young Marine and make him feel like the hero he is.  Thanks to the Marine’s parents for raising two sons to become Marines and to serve our country.  Most of all, thanks to Cpl. Drew Montgomery for putting it all on the line for us and our country.  We are still fighting a war on two fronts.  Let us not forget and do all we can to raise awareness.