Ride Report posted for Budman

We had 7 Bikes for the ride up to Ft. Myers S.W. Regional Airport to Welcome Home L/Cpl Parson’s.

Upon arriving at the Upper Level of the Parking Garage across from the Terminal Billybob and Cindy went in to check on the status of our Hero’s flight.  After returning with the new’s that the flight was on time we met the Wink TV News Crew and we talked to Reporter Jeremiah Jacobsen and talked about the Warriors Watch and why it is important to Welcome Home the returning Troop’s.  After the interview and exchanged of Information with Jeremiah we met the Lee County Republican Women and A Hero’s Welcome from Ft. Myers who also came out to Welcome Home L/Cpl Parson’s.

After this we entered the terminal where we met a young Army Sgt. with his wife and little daugther who had just arrived home and we Welcomed him home and budman palmed the “Magic Coin” to the Sgt. and explained to Him and his wife about the Warriors Watch Mission.

We then proceeded to the terminal concourse and waited for the 2130 arrivial of Our Hero when Ashley Parson (Connel’s sister and WWR Member) came up to us and told us that Connel was still on the ground in Dallas due to aircraft problem’s and that he was going to call when they started to board the replacement plane so they could continue the jounery home.  Ashley told us the story that Connel was stuck in Russia for 7 days already trying to get home and he only has a 30 day leave before heading back.

We milled around the terminal for awhile and talked when Ashley’s phone rang and Connel reported that they were boarding the plane now and would be arriving in 2 to 2 1/2 hours or about 12 midnight.  Some of the had to leave due to work committments the next morning but those who stayed went to a local restruant to wait out the time.

At approx. 12 midnight L/Cpl Connel Parsons arrived and was surprised by the show of support that was there at that time of night and that his sister Ashley had arranged for this to happen.

Billybob presented the Magic Coin and a set of Honor Beads to L/Cpl Parson’s and Welcomed Him Home on behalf of the WWR and Thanked Him for His Service and Sacifice for Our Great Nation.

Afterwards we departed and left L/Cpl Parson’s in the hands of his sister Ashley and Family.

Another Mission Completed!