Ride Report Posted for Goldwing

Warriors’ Watch was contacted  by the Mother of  Specialist Steve Young who has been stationed at Ft. Richardson, Alaska since July of 2008, In March of 2009 he was deployed to Afghanistan. While away from home Steve and his wife became New parents of a Baby Boy in November. During one of Steve’s Flights out of Alaska he went thru Dallas Airport and he told his mother about a huge receiving line for all the soldiers and he was just blown away by it. She said she  would dearly love to show him how much he is appreciated by having his very own receiving line and escort home.  Would ya’ll be interested in helping? He and I would be thrilled!
I told her we could put something together…..

Emails were sent to A Hero’s Welcome and Bobcat to get the ball rolling. I kept in touch with Dee during the week for any updates and just hoped for some dry weather. Rally points were set and the Forum thread began to fill with comments and I new this was going to be a good mission.  When I arrived at FireBase69 their we’re already 20 bikes lined up, as the attendance grew Steve’s mother and grand parents arrived . We had Riders from Second Brigade MC. Upland Garage, True Brothers Of The Road and others. We went over the Ride briefing and  thanked a lot of new comers. Steve’s plane came in early so we quickly mounted up ad headed over to the Terminal, with 45 Motorcycles and 12 Cages we took up the entire D Terminal. We quickly assembled on the stairs and at the bottom and waited for Dee to bring SPC. Young to us. If he was Blown away at Dallas just wait until he see’s how we do Welcome Homes Philly Style.

When Steve saw all of those Flags and  Cheering people waiting for him he was speechless, He shook every hand and thanked everybody as his composure crept back.

We were about a half hour ahead of schedule so Steve  had plenty of time to ham it up for photo’s with the Riders.  We were led out of the airport by a Sheriff’s  K-9  unit until we met up with what appeared to be every Police car in SEPA. We had incredible police support from Delaware County Sheriff, Ridley Township, Chester, Parkside, Brookhaven, Nether Providence Police. When we arrived at the house the Brookhaven Ladder Truck was in place with Old Glory Flying high above. Family and friends were there anxiously waiting our arrival. When we were able to corral Steve  for a moment I passed him his Coin and thanked him for his service and then got his Grandfather Ron an Air fore Veteran front and center  so we could welcome him Home and thank him for his service and slipped him a coin as well.

Thank you to Steve and his entire Family I hope we Knocked it out of the park because you deserve it.


All photos above by Sean Carpenter.

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