Ride Report posted for Tim

Well, all went well, missed the rain, had 3 bikes, 1 trike and one cage. Ralph came in his 1973 Plymouth tank, Alex on his trike, Rich, Trevor & Deana and my wife and I. Short ride to Larry’s, got there at about the same time Wolf did, so that all worked out fine. Wolf is a good man.

Once we all gathered at Larry’s front porch, Larry came out with his family, we all greeted him and walked him into his garage. There, Wolf made his presentation and informed everyone about the Blue Star Riders and what they do. First presentation was the Cane. And what a piece of art it is. Pictures just don’t do it justice.

They then presented Larry with a Certificate of Thanks from the Blue Star Riders.Then Wolf brought out a Torch that has been around the World at many different functions and Wolf invited Larry to accompany him to the next Torch lighting at the Veterans Hospital in Palo Alto and of course Larry was excited to go with him. Lots of talk among all attending, then Carol and Barbara (Larry’s X but an Angel to him) brought out a nice presentation of food for all to enjoy. Hit the spot. We then said our Goodbyes and Mission Accomplished.