Ride Report posted for John Stein: 

We were able to get seven Members for this Short Notice Honor Mission and again it was just enough. After Arriving I went in and spoke with the Funeral Director to go over the Service plans and where we would be. We placed Two Members out front and the rest out back to cover both entrances, Curtis was visited by many family, friends, members of the Vietnam Veterans Association and the Second Brigade MC.  During the Mass we took a break and went over the plans for the next steps, we reformed our line along the rear while Family and friends exited and waited for the casket to be loaded into the Hearse. We had placed Three bikes in front of the Hearse to lead the procession thru the Cemetery to the site were the rest of us were waiting. Already set up were the Marine Corp. League, Veterans Association and the VFW color Guard. We set up our flag line as a backdrop to the Casket. All involved did a great job paying tribute to Curtis and showing the Upmost Respect and Honor to him and his Family. When all was done and his wife was leaving I slipped up beside her introducing myself and who I represent, Slipped her our coin offering our deepest condolences then let her go on her way clutching her husbands neatly folded flag.