Ride Report posted for Lou

A beautiful day indeed it has been!  It began as a leisure ride with the better half, through the back roads of Berks & Montgomery Counties, absorbing every bit of sunshine, breeze & smell bestowed upon us, while looking forward to seeing friends… looking forward to the mission ahead.  At the main rally point, a stone’s throw away from the Veterans Center, a few bikes already there, many making their way in, giving notice from a distance as throttles are cracked.  The usual back slaps, mugs & hugs are exchanged.  
Two very somber missions attended by several of the members present, were completed this week; WW2 Veteran James Corr & Ruth Reincke, Army Veteran and mother of our very own Deuce.  Honors & Tributes for their passing; support & solace for their families.  Today we payed tribute and honors to the living.  We payed tribute & honors not by the treats that we so gladly and enthusiastically served and handed to each and every center resident present.  We did so by smiling, lending a hand, sitting and chatting, and by listening to some great storytelling.  We smiled, we laughed and yes, some cried as well (some had to “bob & weave” a bit but Room 216 is subject for another discussion). 
Another great time was had by all and once again I leave the center with a little spring in my step knowing that the smallest of gestures by each and every one of you has fostered a feeling of worth, with the residents, with the staff, within ourselves!
Many thanks to Dave “Fatboy”, Kim & Jane for making this possible! The ice cream & toppings went a long way to cover residents, staff and a good number of us!
Ray, how ironic… I make the comment about “tempering” the beast due to the more confined room we were to use and it turns out residents who initially were not going to attend, when they heard you were going to “tame the beast” requested.. no… demanded to attend your performance!  Bravo!  Thanks again to you and your daughter!
And though I won’t single out anyone else, there’s always the usual suspects, those that never have to be asked and always happen to be in place when something needs to be done.  
And many thanks for all that showed up today, gave up of your time once more and made a difference in the day of a U.S. Veteran! We did good boys & girls!