Ride Report posted for T
We gathered at FB69 ,and after a short ride brief, mounted up and went D.C. ( doors closed) at 1845hrs as planned. A short drive to the Airport where the Phila. Airport Police had again everything ready for us. Entering terminal F, we quickly realized we were in a target rich environment, Once the Line was set we were honored to greet no less then 10 returning Warriors. Additionally, I was able to talk to a WWII and Korean Marine Veteran, who had commented on how proud he was to see us at the terminal greeting the troops. I took the opportunity to Thank him for his service, and watched as the Magic Coin, did its job,again. Capt. Lee’s wife and son were were getting anxious as there was a slight delay on the flight. We talked to Capt Lees’ son, and presented him with a WWR pin, which was attached to his shirt. Boozer presented him with an American Legion Challenge coin. We introduced him to the flag line as our newest member. He did a great “Rocky” impersonation, and there were smiles all around. The weather didn’t dampen anyones’ spirits tonight.
As Capt. Lee came up the concourse, spotting his wife, and son, he broke into a run and swooped up his son, a moment that made you realize the sacrifices these warriors truly make. Tears flowed, smiles glowed. Capt. Lee gave us the honor and pleasure of shaking everyones’ hand, and after we all gave him our world renown mug and hug, we presented him with our honor coin,  A heros Welcome made their presentation and Boozer presented a Challenge coin as well. Capt. Lee you have a wonderful family, it was our honor to meet them . You have made us realize, once again, the sacrifices a warrior and his family make on our behalf. Thank you is, at times , just not enough.  T

Tony Fialkowski
National Coordinator
Warriors Watch Riders