Ride Report posted for Angel

Spc Joe served in the Army for 10 years. His service included 3 tours in Iraq and 1 in Afghanistan.

On one of our first warm Sunday afternoons in about 3 months we rallied at the Golden Eagle Restaurant in Bristol, PA at about 1:45. As the temperature rose outside, so did the number of participants who arrived to welcome home Spc Joseph Booz. There were about 50 motorcycles and a few cages. The Bristol Borough police arrived around 2:00 pm and we had KSU at 2:05. The escort arrived at Spc Joe’s home at about 2:06…short ride….

We all lined up in front of Spc Joe’s house along with the Channel 6 Action News Van, (there’s that news van…) , NBC 10, and FOX 29. (Shown on all 3 channels). Spc Joe was in his house getting ready to go to his Welcome Home party, at the WM Penn Firehouse in Hulmeville. After, Marge Booz, Joe’s mother, received the phone call for the Ok to come out, her and Joe came out of the house, and were greeted by about 60 plus Warriors’ Watch members, friends and police officers…oh and don’t forget the Action News van.

Joe was so surprised he stood on the porch for a moment to catch his breath. After the initial shock and first mug and hug from, me, Fringy, his cousin, he proceeded down the long line, that went almost back to the restaurant, for the traditional Warriors’ Watch mug and hug. His mom was so excited she followed him taking picture after picture. Once the mug and hug was completed we lined up, revved all engines and began our escort of Spc Joe to his party, in Hulemville, which was about a 12 mile ride. It was a fully escorted procession including 3 police departments, Bristol Borough, Bristol Twp, and Middletown Twp. As we made a right on to Main Street in Hulemville we were greeted by a fire engine from the WM Penn Fire department who then escorted us to the firehouse. In the front of the firehouse, Spc Joseph Booz was surrounded by his family, friends and new found Warriors’ Watch while he was presented with his Warrior Watch Coin and award. My family and I would like to thank all of the members of Warriors’ Watch for coming together in welcoming home my cousin Spc Joseph Booz.