Ride Report posted for Paulie
FIRST—- A HUGE THANK YOU GOES TO JINKSEY for leading us from his mission to this one. Great route,we made great time. THANKS DAVE!!!!!!!

Our mission was to welcome home Cpl.Timothy Missel,U.S.M.C. from his deployment in Iraq. Cpl Missel was deployed shortly following his marriage to the love of his life,Samantha.

When the 15 bikes and a several cages from the first mission, arrived at the rally point, we met up with about 8-10 more bikes and just as many cages. The Boy Scouts were represented by Troop 26-thank you Scouts, and our LEO escort set up by TOOLMAN were waiting for us. Our LEO escort was on his police bike and had a patrol car with him.
At the briefing I thanked everyone for coming out and especially our own CALAMITY JANE,BOBCAT,GPOPS & MICHELE and MARIA from A HEROS WELCOME.

After a short ride to the home of Cpl. Missel’s in-laws, Joette & Jim Ewen, we mugged & hugged our HERO and escorted him to his own home in the next town over where the Yellow Ribbon Club & about 100 of their close friends were waiting. As we rolled up, the Evesham EMT/Fire dept was there with the battalion flag suspended from their ladder truck. The flag is about 20′ x 30′ if not bigger. When you pull up and see that flag, it takes your breath away and puts a lump in my throat everytime.
Just as Cpl Missel had the deer in the headlights look at the house, his eyes grew even bigger upon seeing the flag and the huge crowd. Several presentations were made including a flag flown over the US Capital from the local Congressman John Adler, the township, Col Bancroft, USMC ret, the Girl Scouts gave cookies, the Yellow Ribbon Club gave their “BLING” and BUCK LANDELL, pres of the DEFENDERS MC gave Cpl Missel our magic coin. Buck was Cpl Missel’s soccer coach when he was 5 yrs old, and Maria of A HEROS WELCOME presented Tim with a certificate and hug & kiss. Due to it being a windy day we had a tough time keeping our eyes dry but at least we tried.
Cpl Missel’s in-laws are very actively involved with the Yellow Ribbon Club and it was a special time to see the Ewen’s on the receiving end of things for once. Jim & Joette give much of their time to support the YRC and Jim even makes his own “JARHEAD JERKY” (guarenteed to make you GRUNT) which is shipped in YRC packages all over the Middle East.
As with each mission, this one was special in its own way and memorable to say the least.