RIDE REPORT posted  for Jinksey

It was a beautiful sunny 40 degree February day to welcome home SSGT Robert S. Percival. WWR rallied 15 motorcycles, and 5 cages at the Wawa in Newfield NJ. After the ride briefing we headed to our Hero’s location a couple miles down the road with engines roaring and horns a blaring. Our Hero and his family poured out of the house where we got in our mugs and hugs. The Newfield Police & Fire Department were on hand as we headed out to escort our Hero to a reception in his honor. Along with WWR there were 2 police cars, and 5 fire trucks making all kinds of noise as we moved at slow speeds escorting a limo that held SSGT Percival and his family. Once we got to the Church we were greeted by friends and family, Mayor Romano of Vineland, and some media. After several presentation and a few pictures with SSGT Percival we left our Hero in the hands of his family so they could all have a well deserved celebration.

Very special thanks to A Hero’s Welcome, The Defenders, Newfield PD, Newfield FD, Vin eland PD. Also thanks to Franklin Twp PD for getting through that construction zone.

Thank you for the opportunity to RC this welcome home!!!

RC – Dave (Jinksey) Jinks