Ride report posted for RC Glen DeVries.

This sendoff has two stories.  The first story is about our hero, 2LT Neil Fotre.  During high school, the thought of military service never came up for Neil.  His plan was to go to college and earn a degree.  Before graduating from college, serving his country was more on his mind.  Both of Neils grandfathers had served, one in the Army and one in the Air Force.  So just before graduating college, Neil enlisted in the Army and then went home and told his parents.  His mom and dad were a little shocked, but very proud of their son.  Neil told them “I wish to serve for a cause greater then my own”.  Neil completed Basic Training in Ft. Benning Georgia and OCS in Ft. Knox Kentucky.  Neils first assignment as a 2LT will be to Korea, the same place that his grandfather served in 1950-51.

The second story is about Neils dad, Scott.  Scott is a member of WWR and has been ride captain on some Welcome Home Missions.  Scott said he knows what an honor to be on the WWR side of a mission and now he said “It’s just so overwhelming to be on the other side of the mission”.  So Scott e-mailed the WWR to get involved with his sons sendoff.  The plan was to have Neil, his family and friends at a sendoff party in the bar of a local restaurant.

WWR would parade inside the bar, carrying flags to surprise Neil and thank him for protecting our freedom.  That is exactly what we did. Twenty WWR members gathered outside the restaurant.  With flags in hand we paraded inside and surprised everyone. Scott had one request, he wanted to present the WWR Honor Coin to his son.  Scott honored his son with the coin.  The beads were presented, pictures were taken and one last round of applause and thank yous were given.