Submitted by the Road Captain for this Ride, Lou Torres:
Being a behind the scenes kind of guy for the longest, and not one seeking nor desiring a “command & control” function in this thing of ours, I will stumble through this as best I can. What started out as a beautiful day culminated with a great evening. 16 scoots lined up at the Colebrookdale PD parking lot. Some familiar faces, some not so familiar but all with the same dedication and desire to see this young man, LCpl Andrew Feather to his home. After hearing from me every 15 minutes that the “principal” was about an hour away, we got the call that Andrew and his girlfriend Jackie were in Oley, 10 minutes out. We lined up 2 rows of WW members with 2 marked units capping each row. Emergency lights were lit on each PD unit. Shortly thereafter a silver Pontiac heading eastbound makes a left turn into the parking lot. Jackie, who knew we were awaiting, was at the helm, Andrew front passenger. We saluted sharply as they entered the lot, and you could see them both smile from ear to ear. After a brief introduction and individual thank you’s by each member, Andrew and Jackie joined our lineup of motorcycles, saddled in the middle of the lineup. With Colebrookdale PD leading the way, we left the parking lot and the escort began. We traveled a short distance on Eastbound Rt.73 and made a right on 2nd Street in Boyertown. Fire Police sealed off cross streets… we continued down 2nd street and there surrounding Andrew’s home was a sea of neighbors, residents, family and the good folks of A HERO”S WELCOME. The FD ladder truck as we;ve become accustomed to see, was there with Old Glory waving smartly. Andrew and Jackie drove through a reception of sirens blasting, horns blowing and a symphony of cheers from the crowd as they approached the house. Our Hero is home!!! Our deed is done, a small gesture of gratitude for such an enormous undertaking by this young man – putting himself in harms way for his fellow countryman!!!
I’d like to thank all of those that were present and accounted for. My stumbling had no bearing on the mission getting done, for you all know and “feel” the mission. T & Wes, thanks for reminding me of a few basic but important things that had to be addressed. Scooter (formerly known as Shooter), after watching you gyrate and leap tall buildings to get the shot, I look forward to your “documenting” of this evening. I hope everyone got home safely and maybe feeling a bit good about another one of our “boys” being back home!!! Thanks again. It has been an honor and a pleasure!


Image hosted by Webshots.com
by WarriorsWatchShooter