Ride Report posted for Rick



            In spite of the panic phone call from the base personnel, this was an easy fix. We had a whole 8 hours to set this up. Capt. Carel wasn’t supposed to be arriving for several days, but….


            We staged at the Corpus Christi Airport, where the taxis park. Our local Airport admin is very supportive of our efforts, and we don’t have to park away from the ‘action’. I arrived early, (I thought) to find WWR already waiting. We confirmed time and placements, and waited for our Hero to arrive. No sign of his family, yet. Mrs. Carel is also a Captain in the Naval Reserves, a Hornet pilot with many accomplishments of her own.



            As time grew close, several other groups joined us. The Bahia Bay Ladies, American Legion Riders, Veterans of Vietnam MC, and another Military Support organization, totaling 12 Bikes and several cages to greet this Hero after his 12 month+ adventure away from loved ones.


            Capt Carel’s flight arrived early, and his family just made it to the Baggage claim area as he was deplaning! His CO met him at the gateway, and we rendered honors as he descended to the ground level. Between the American Flags, and blocking the end, were his two son’s, holding a banner of their own!


            Hugs and kisses, followed by many thanks and handshakes while remaining luggage was retrieved. We got the Captain aside and coined him, then watched as his family lead him to a chartered limo arranged for his well deserved transport HOME!!



            God Bless you, Captain Carel. Thank you for your Service, and good wishes for your next assignment in Oklahoma.