Ride Report posted for Spike
Forcast for the Bay Area was calling for showers,the Sgt. was due to arrive at 1730 Hrs. at SFO . So staging was set for 1630 Hrs. I  had gotten several calls from riders about the route so they can catch us on the fly.Since most riders are still at work at this time,they make a very good attempt to catch up. We staged at the local Valero right by the airport,
with 4 Bikes.1 of our riders got a flat on the way there,the other was stuck down south in S.J. at work.Mom & Dad met us and we headed over to our parking area. Flight pretty much came in on time..Douglas came down to baggage claim where we were waiting, he had this big grin on his face.First thing was a big hug to mom,his girlfriend and brother were also with us.We took a little group shot right there in the baggage claim area, so as douglas went to retrive his gear,we headed out to the bikes. I made some calls to give heads up that we were about to leave. At the house in Pleasanton,it was pouring rain, Not a drop on us the whole time.The gods were with us.So,the Sgt. and his family got out to the parking,and we chilled for a few to have a smoke.Douglas came over to me and presented me with his Unit Coin. That was so cool,since its us who do the coin presenting.
we got out on the road,now at this time its the normal Bay Area commute nightmare. But again the Gods were with us.No heavy Traffic or Rain.Halfway there Tim,Trevor,Dano were staged on the freeway shoulder they merged right in so now we are up to 7 bikes  We rolled onto his street,I could see the FD lights going on the Engine.There must have been 60-70 folks there waiting,The Tribute LFB 9/11 Flag was  presented among certificates,Hugs,coins. I presented the AL/ALR coins,Dano presented the WWR coin. We took our usual group shot and gave hugs & mugs. Welcome Home Douglas.