Ride Report posted for Wendy

The Warriors’ Watch Riders were invited to stand a memorial mission for fallen Mauston, Wisconsin Police Officer, Andrew Peterson January 29th and 30th in Mauston, Wisconsin. Officer Peterson was 29 years of age and a 7 year veteran of the Mauston Police Department. He was loved by all that knew him and the honor mission clearly showed that.

Several Warriors Watch Riders braved the cold weather and stood the flag line on the January 29th from 4:00pm-8:30pm. The visitation was to have been from 4-8pm, but the overflow of those paying their respects extended the time. The entire community turned out to honor our hero along with fellow police officers from all over Wisconsin, the fire department and those that held every public service office.

Ride Captain Wendy Kocik, and several of the WWR members, met with Andrew’s wife, parents and brother-in-law offering our sincere condolences. At that time Wendy presented Andrew’s wife Myriah with a booklet of condolences from Warriors’ Watch Riders across the country posted. She also presented her with the Warriors’ Watch Challenge Coin. Oopsie, from the Illinois contingent that attended this memorial service, presented Andrew’s children, Mackena, Brekk and Haakon with a set of Honor Beads letting them know their father was a hero and always will be. She also presented Andrew’s parents and 2 sisters with sets of Honor Beads in memory of their hero son and brother. All were filled with heartfelt gratitude that they would receive the Honor Beads knowing it was in recognition of Andrew being a hero to us all.

On January 30th, services were held in the Olsen Middle School for Officer Petersen, at 10am to 11am. Hundreds of family, friends and fellow officers attended and once again the time was extended. The Warriors’ Watch Riders stood a flag line inside the and then outside after the services. The funeral procession would escort Officer Peterson to Westby, Wisconsin, a 2 hour drive away from Mauston. It was impossible to count the number of vehicles in the procession, but once again it was a tribute to how many loved Andrew.

I’d like to thank the Warriors’ Watch Riders that came from as far as Illinois, the SC from Kenosha, and  member from Milwaukee to honor our hero. I’d also like to thank Randy of the Quick Trip for providing coffee, hot chocolate and dough nuts on both days. But most of all I would like to thank the family of Officer Andrew Peterson for inviting the Warriors’ Watch Riders to honor Andrew. We will never forget you or Andrew. He is a hero and will never be forgotten.

Wendy Kocik (ASC, Wisconsin WWR)