Ride Report posted for Spike

We met John’s widow Joyce at a Starbuck’s in Concord while we were staged for a Welcome Home roughly a week prior.  Joyce came over and asked us what we were doing.  We explained to her what and why we were doing – she said “that’s just the most wonderful thing you’re doing”.  She then explained that her husband had passed away a couple of years prior and that she had just gotten approval for John’s cremains to be interred at Sacramento National Cemetery.  I asked her if she would like an escort and she replied “would you really do that for my husband?”  I replied “yes, it would be our honor”.  John served from 1943 – 1946 and again from 1950 – 1952.  Fred was the lead R/C for this mission and staged at Starbuck’s, which is up the street from Joyce’s home.  Eight bikes were in attendance.  They rolled to Joyce’s house where she was so astonished that we were there for her and her husband.  They got everyone staged up and headed up to the cemetery in Dixon.  Once at Dixon, we set-up a flag line and gave John a proper farewell, which he so richly deserved after waiting nearly 3 years.  Farewell brother, farewell.