Ride Report posted for James Bailey Jr.

On a blustery winter afternoon we met at McDonald’s in Woodbury Heights!  9 Vehicle packed with patriotic citizens ready to show our American hero a welcome home escort he would not forget!  Wtih help from the amazing Woodbury Police we made our way to out Heros home.  We crept down his avenue to when out front, the police lit up the sirens as the rest of us blew our horns…. The Captain came out to see what the rockus was all about.  To his surprise… it was for him!  We loaded him into a car and escorted him to his Christmas Party(being deployed during the holiday, his family threw him a Christmas celebration)!  We were escorted by the awesome woodbury police and with help from Wesville, Brooklawn, Audubon and dHaddon Twp. we arrived safetly!  We were greated by the YRC along with Westmont fire and rescue, Friends and Family.  After the YRC did the greatness that they do… some of us stuck around to give the gift of Christmas Carols!  Another great welcome home by everyone for another American Hero!  Good job everyone and welcome home Captain!  Merry Christmas

James Bailey Jr.