Ride Report
Short Notice Welcome home for LCpl. Gary Anoushian
RC Bobcat

We got word that this young Marine had been deployed in Iraq since April and had just received aproval that he could come home for some much deserved R&R.  We had to scramble, but with the help and A Heroes Welcome and American Sheepdogs, we managed a fitting welcome home for this young hero.

We rallied at Firebase 69 early to set up for a 0930 arrival at the airport.  We had 4 Watchman and Maria and Charlie of AHW meet us there.  AHW left to go to the airport and we joined them about 15 minutes later.  Because there were only 4 of us, we decided to meet our hero at the gate.  When we arrived at the security gate, AHW was all setup and there were about 15 members of his family.  As we were waiting for our hero several people, arriving on other flights for the Army/Navy game, decided to join us in welcoming this young Marine and fell in with the folks from AHW.

We setup behind the family, out of the way so that the first thing he saw was his family.  LCpl. Anoushian came through the gate to the cheers and tears of his family and all of us present.  After greeting his family he walked back to greet us and was presented with our magic coin.  After all the hugging and back slapping subsided, we all headed out to mount up and meet the family as they exited the parking toll booths.  Once they had fallen in behind us, we headed for the Mayfair section of Phila. to greet his grand parents.  Grease was in a cage and was kind enough you lead us all the way to Grand mom’s house.  As we pulled in to the honking of horns and the cracking of one throttle, there were two Wings and a Harley, Grand mom came running out crying to give our hero a number of tearful hugs and kisses.  Granddad couldn’t get near him for quite some time.  Once we figured out that grand mom was in a hugging mood, we all stepped forward to receive one for ourselves.  Grand mom did not hold back and we all got a thank you hug.  The whole family was outside on this crisp morning just enjoying each other and thankful for the safe return of their warrior.  We are honored that we were allowed to join this family on this joyous occasion.

Thanks to Maria, Charlie and all the members of the AHW and American Sheepdogs who pulled this together so quickly.  Butch, Sidecar and Grease, thanks for stepping up to give this young man a welcome home he so justly deserved.  Another one in the books WWR, thanks for being there for these young Americans who answer their countries call to service.