Ride report posted for Oopsie


The Warriors Watch Riders received a request from the wife of, E4 SPC Isaias Alanis, for a deployment party Jan. 9, 2010. This is SPC Alanis’s first deployment and leaving for Iraq the following week. The Alanis’s have a 2 1/2 year old daughter, Victoria. SPC. Alanis joined the service in 2005.  Eren Alanis told the RC, Oopsie, they were having a party at the American Legion in McHenry. It was decided the WWR surprise SPC. Alanis at their home and escort  them from Crystal Lake, to the American Legion in McHenry.

Having the WWR escort with LEO’s arrive at the Isaias home would be a total surprise. We were informed that some of the family members would also be there. As it turned out the WWR was also surprised when they met up with approximately 25 family members vehicles there for the escort. It was Great! Everyone wanted to be a part of this escort for their hero.

It was a cold, and thankfully sunny day. Having 8″ of snow fall the day before and windy the roads were pretty well clear for this escort. Approximately 35 WWR members, all in vehicles, arrived at the Isaias’s home with horns blasting and LEO sirens blaring. Eren had told Isaias they were going to JC Penny’s to get their pictures taken and asked he dress in his uniform. Needless to say SPC Alanis was surprised when the WWR arrived! Upon meeting SPC Alanis and wife Eren, he said to those present “When I heard the sirens, looked out the window seeing the Squad car and all the family cars, that were a part of the escort from the staging area, “What did you do?” His wife then told him “They are escorting you to your deployment party.”

Because of all the family members vehicles, that were in the escort, the festivities by the WWR would take place at the American Legion in McHenry instead of the Alanis’ lawn. There were so many vehicles it was impossible for the WWR members to get to their home. The families and WWR were all lined up for the LEO escort to McHenry. That would be about 55 cars in all. The escort, with horns honking, sirens blaring left the home lead by the Crystal Lake LEO. During the trip McHenry County Deputies picked up the escort at their jurisdiction leading the way and  met by a McHenry City LEO. Needless to say the citizens were out to show their support and honor our hero with cheers. Many stopped their vehicles, got out and cheered the escort as it went by. The support of our military in McHenry county is tremendous. All of our military men and women when escorted truly know they are supported.

When we arrived at the American Legion everyone from the escort and 50-60 family members got out of their cars. It was at this time RC Oopsie was able to meet up with Isaias, Eren and Victoria on the sidewalk. Isaias was holding daughter Victoria, Eren was crying thanking us. Isaias stated, about the escort, “If feels like I was in the Presidential Parade. Never have I been through so many stop signs and stop lights without getting a ticket.” Oopsie walked Isaias to the front door of the American Legion where the WWR members were waiting. Cheers went up that I am sure could be heard in the next county, and hugs and handshakes were given. The WWR and family members entered the American Legion Hall where the festivities began.


After gaining the attention of everyone at the party, RC Oopsie presented Isaias with a printed booklet of all the well wishes from Isaias’s mission thread. She then presented him with a set of honor beads, challenge coin and had him sign the Heroes Banner. Tears fell by Isaias and Eren upon being presented the honor beads and learning of their meaning. There was not a dry eye in the building. No one ever expected the WWR would do such things like this and was thanked by many.

Isaias tried to give a Thank You speech but was overcome with emotion and said he needed practice because he is in a leadership position now. The WWR told him we’d let his speech slide after the Thank You and understood the emotions. After numerous family members thanked the WWR for this wonderful send off, the WWR thanked all and left the family to their party.

Once again we would like to thank the Alanis family for letting the WWR honor our hero, all the LEO’s for their help with escort and to the members that came out to honor Isaias and his family. It truly was a wonderful day for all.

RC. Oopsie