Ride Report posted for Pebblez

This mission was special for me, it was my niece returning home from a very long year in Korea. There was a special surprise for her as well on this mission, her cousin Michael Weinstein, who just returned home from his second tour of Iraq, was to join us in this mission to surprise her, but little did he know, this was also for him as well. With alot of help from Maria, and A Hero’s Welcome, we all met at Firebase 69 along with our special guest Michael. We were welcomed with open arms from the fireman, and we had our briefing and headed out. We set up a flag line at the baggage terminal, complete with bagpipes and lots of onlookers. Maria, I and A Hero’s Welcome headed up to the terminal, where we we’re greeted by Erica’s mom and sisters. Once we seen her, we were all very excited, she was


 crying, but she had no clue what she was in for. After greeting her, we headed for the baggage terminal, where she was overcome by the awesome flag line that was awaiting her. Once she got to the bottom of the steps, weeping with joy, she looked and noticed someone was in full dress uniform, she did a double take and realized it was her own cousin Michael, WOW, the expression on her face was priceless to say the least. We then headed to her home in Blue Bell, where we were led the whole way by PA State Police to her exit, then were greeted by Whitpain Police dept, who basically closed every intersection with light and sirens. She was completely in awe. Once we got within about a 1/2 mile from her home, Centre Square joined in with their Fire Dept, they had 3 engines join us as well as the paramedics. We turned onto her block, engines reevin

g, horns blowing to be greeted  by at least 100+ people, Centre Square  hung a flag off their truck and they actually closed the street for this Hero’s welcome home. I  presented Erica with our honor coin, and Bam turned to Michael and presented him with a coin as well. The two were overwhelmed, and Erica was weeping. Then Maria stepped up and presented them with certificates from A Hero’s Welcome. Michael at this point asked for the attention of the crowd, and asked for a moment of silence for their neighbor who lost his life in Iraq.
Lee Weinstein, Erica’s dad, was very generous, he placed a firepit for the members of WWR as well as the neighbors and friends for all to stay toasty. This whole neighborhood came out to do this welcome,and they were actually walking around with trays of food, beverages, coffee, cake, it just never ended. Since this was family, Lee wanted WWR to stay and enjoy some refreshments, and warm up. This was a very touching welcome home, with many  surprises for our two Hero’s….
Welcome Home Erica and Michael.
Respectfully Submitted,
Dawn “Pebblez” Wilson