RIDE REPORT posted for Country Mike

On Jan 10 2010 Warriors Watch had the pleasure of escorting Lt. Shane Eynon to the Phila Airport from his home. We met at our Rally Point, Duncan Dounuts on Cottman Ave. We were ready to pickup our package when one of Phillys Finest stopped by to see what was going on. As there were Flagged bikes and Flagged cages asembled in the parking lot. We let him know what was going on and wound up with an unexpected escort to the county line of Phila. As we had to go to Montgomery Co to pick up Lt Enyon. Philly PD always amazes me on these escorts. We got to the Eynon home safely and were met by his family, wife and two children Tom 5 and Luke 3. We gave him the patented MUG&HUG and thanked him for what he’s doing for us. Took a group pic and got ready to go. Cheltenham PD showed and safely escorted us to the Philly line where we were picked up by Philly PD and  escorted through Philly and down Interstate 95 to the Philly Airport. We pulled into the airport and were met by A Heros Welcome who were all Flagged up. Awesome. We got our flags and surrounded him as he was unloading his luggage. We gave him another MUG&HUG and thanked him again. I presented him with our Magic Coin and let him know that we will be here for his return. Lt Eynon requested that he enter the Airport on his own, which we honored that request.  What an amazing RIDE.

Side Note.  Lt. Shane Eynon has served in the US Army. Recieved his Ph.D in Psychology from Temple University. Commissioned as an Officer in the US Navy. Is the Service Chief at the Naval Medical Center in Bethesda MD. for Wounded Warrior Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury Program. Treats Sailors and Marines for
POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER (PTSD) and TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY.(TBI) Also, treating symptoms based on Japanese Warrior and Martial Arts meditation methods.

Thank You all who showed for this Escort on a day that started out at 14 degrees Brr. Thanks goes out to Philly PD, Cheltenham PD and A Heros Welcome
Special Thanks goes out to the Eynon Family for your Sacrafice also.

Good Luck Lt. Shane Eynon on helping our Wounded Warriors who protect our freedoms.

Country MIKE  RC