cpl-tyler-johnsonThis mission came about when one of our R/C’s met a lady at his Chiropractor’s office.  Dano met her and told her what we do as far as escorting our troops.  Between the dad, Bruce and Dan, they decided the family would go out to dinner at a local Danville restaurant.  The dad is also a Vietnam Veteran and is really proud of his Marine son.  We staged at our normal staging area in Danville at 1800 hrs. with 19 bikes.  We then headed to the restaurant where, for this mission, we changed up how we went in to get him.  Normally, the R/C goes in and brings him outside.  Dan had been in communication with the restaurant Owner, who was in on the surprise escort.  As we parked, we shut down and ALL of us (20+ bikers) walked into the restaurant while the Owner held open the door & pointed us in the direction of Tyler and his family.  We surrounded their booth and the question came up “is there a Marine at this table?”  He looked as if he didn’t want to answer, but he did and the mugs and hugs began (right in the middle of the restaurant).  We announced to the entire restaurant that we have a US Marine in our presence this evening and the 50+ patrons began clapping and cheering.  We grabbed our young Marine & his family and headed to the bikes.


Once outside, we readied to escort them to their home where Lafayette Flag Brigade (LFB), Pleasanton Military Families (PMF), the VFW, American Legion and city Officials were waiting.  As we began to roll up to Blackhawk, it started to rain on us and two blocks from the house, the rain stopped.  As we rolled up to the house, flags were waving and some 50 to 60 friends & family were there to Welcome Home Cpl. Johnson.  Tyler was ushered by Bryan Welden (LFB) to his large flag.  Diana Nagy (The Journey of Life album & others) opened up with The National Anthem.  Tyler was then presented with several certificates, flag and coins.  On a surprise note his father, a Vietnam Veteran, was also recognized and presented with certificates, a flag and coins.  What a great evening for this young Marine –  he couldn’t stop grinning.  Welcome Home Tyler AND Bruce!


Respectfully Submitted – Fred “Spike” Schau