When Wendy from Callaghan Mortuary emailed me about this mission, she advised me that the family had specifically requested myself and the WWR to handle this mission.  I couldn’t remember who the family members were by name but they knew me.  We met at staging in the morning to receive the Lieutenant for his final escort to the Sacramento National Cemetary in Dixon, CA.  We stood the flag line as he came out of the mortuary and was placed in his coach.  We got staged up and rolled out of Callaghan’s heading for the freeway.  This is about 1 1/2 hour ride from Livermore to Dixon.  The freeways were clear so we made good time across the Benicia bridge with no problems.  We made it to Dixon with a half an hour to spare.  The staff came out and escorted us to the service area.

The ceremonies were very honorable and respectable.  The Honor Team were very professional and the Captain was also my teacher and trainer for the Honor Detail.  When the service concluded, we told the family we would escort them back home since we had escorted the limo from their home to the mortuary in the morning.  As we were about to leave, the rain started again.  Myself and Dane escorted the family home.  When we got to the house, we stopped and were invited in for a little reception.  Since the rain was coming down steady, we figured we should head out before it got worse.  Now, back to the special request from the family – the son of this fallen Sailor rode with us on a mission where I was the R/C.  He told me he was so impressed by the way the mission was accomplished that this was the best for his dad.  Farewell brother, farewell.

Respectfully Submitted – Fred “Spike” Schau