ford-jeremyusmc2This mission had a few twists and turns in it.  It was first scheduled for 12/23 and was supposed to arrive at SFO at 5 o’clock in the morning.  That was changed to the 22nd, scheduled to arrive at 2100 hrs.  The twists in this mission were that the friend (Rocko) who requested the escort met me a few weeks back on a mission & he has known our Chaplain, Trevor for quite some time.  Master Sgt. Jachobs is married to Rocko’s niece  His niece is the daughter of a friend of mine – Dell, who is also Trevor’s neighbor.  Dell was the Past President of the Vietnam Veterans of Diablo Valley – an organization that we do a lot of support work with (have I confused you yet?)!

12-22-09welcome-home-jachobs-scott-005This mission was changed to the 22nd, and we already had a mission for midnight at SFO (Keating).  Since Msgt. Jachobs & Gunney Sgt. Scott were coming in at SFO at 2100 hrs., we decided to split the crew up.  The Msgt,. and Gunnery Sgt. were headed to Livermore & the midnight mission was going to Lafayette.  Trevor & I and 9 bikes headed to the airport to welcome home Msgt. Jachobs & Gunnery Sgt. Scott.  Once we got all their bags and everyone to the parking lot & staged, I escorted Trevor, the family and the rest of the riders out to the freeway.  I then headed back to staging to wait for the midnight riders.  Rick Lyon (Texas) and Chromeghost showed up first.  From what I was told when Trevor and the escort arrived at the house, friends & family were waiting.  Mission Complete.

Respectfully Submitted – Fred “Spike” Schau