This is the second mission of four on this day, one of which we did early this morning for Bennie Block.  One hour prior to us staging for Jared, Rick (Texas) and Chromeghost picked up Ssgt. Rachelle Renaud and escorted her to Tracy, CA (Texas Rick wrote & submitted the ride report, already posted).  Now, Jared’s flight was due in to SFO at 1730 hrs.  Trevor & 6-Pack were the lead RC’s for this mission at SFO.  Myself and Tim were at Oakland Airport awaiting a First Lieutenant at the same time.  I was talking to Trevor via cell phone just prior to them going to their parking area.  I was able to contact security at SFO with the intel from Trevor to clear them for parking.  They headed to the airport with 12 bikes.  Jared is a Captain in the US Army and is a pilot flying a CH-47 Chinook for the 101st Airborne Division and is the son of our very own Doug & Jan Miller, with the American Legion, VFW and Pleasanton Military Families (PMF).


They rolled out of the airport heading to Pleasanton.  Being a week day and in the middle of the afternoon, commute can be a nightmare, but the traffic Gods were with them.  The bikes arrived at roughly 1900  hrs. with Jared and his folks in the pack.  More than 100 well-wishers from various organizations were waiting with flags, signs and waves.  Two PGR bikes were waiting at the house as well.  Chris Miller, Past President of Pleasanton Military Families (and no relation) met the Millers and led them to the large flag provided by Lafayette Flag Brigade (LFB).  The VFW, American Legion, PMF, LFB, Blue Star Moms and a number of other organizations presented certificates, coins and well-wishes.  City Councilman Jerry Thorne presented Jared a proclamation.  After we mugged and hugged him at the house, we enjoyed a variety of spiced cider, hot coffee and snacks.  Welcome Home our brother, Welcome Home!

Respectfully Submitted – Fred “Spike” Schau