Ride Report posted for Glen DeVries

We were so blessed to have not one, but two Marines to Welcome Home and thank for protecting our freedom.  CPL Tony Carponelli and CPL Matt Jimenez have been buddies throughout their military service.  Together they served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Tony is from Chicagoland and Matt is a native of Hawaii that had never been to Chicago.  Tony talked Matt into coming to Northern Illinois on their leave for a Chicago Winter Christmas.  The Marines boarded the plane in warm Las Vegas and landed in Chicago to a chilly 23 degrees.  The WWR stood 2 flaglines as the Marines and family arrived at the oasis.  Hugs, thank yous, flags waving and picture taking took place before a Palatine squad led the escort onto the highway.  As we approached the exit, we could see many flashing red lights of the Palatine Fire Dept.  Three fire trucks, and many support vehicles joined in the front and led the escort to Tonys home.  The neighborhood really came out.  The Marines were greeted at the house by many well wishers waving flags.  Thank you to the Palatine Fire and Police Departments and especially thank you to Tony and Matt for protecting our freedom.