Ride Report posted for Paulie B

The day started with the temp in the high 20’s and we met to start laying wreaths across Southern New Jersey. We stopped for lunch and headed to the rally point with about 12 bikes and 2 cages. We were met by 15 more bikes and a few more cages. Inside the restaurant was our HERO and about 30 family members. We assembled our flag line outside the front door and when SSGT Cheeseman exited he was met by his family and 25 of our family. Amidst loud shouts of “Welcome Home”, whistles and cheers/clapping the smile on his face turned the temperature into 80 degrees. We “mugged & hugged” our  HERO and assembled our line of bikes, cages and even had several family in the long line for the ride to Riverside where the Yellow Ribbon Club was waiting.

Our escort for today’s mission was one of New Jersey State Police’s finest and today was his first experience with what we are all about. This young Trooper did an excellent job of escorting us to our destination. As we neared our end point we saw a Riverside fire truck pulling out in front of the procession with lights flashing and siren blaring leading us to the family home. What an entrance!!

Two ladder trucks were sitting there with ladders extending forming an arch which had our flag flying high in the breeze. What a sight to see and SSGT Cheeseman’s smile said it all.

We assembled under the flag to present our HERO with a few tokens of appreciation. First up was the WWR and my bride, THE “BOSS” to present our honor coin and symbolism. I gave a description of our coin and the symbolism behind it to the crowd as requested by a few that asked what it was. Then magically (thanks TINY) a copy of Cav’s certificate of thanks to our HERO’S spouse appeared in my hand and was presented to Mrs. Cheeseman. We thanked her for her efforts here at home while her husband was serving his 3 tours of duty. The Yellow Ribbon club made their presentations and we all thanked our HERO again for his service.

We mounted up and headed out as we still had a few more wreaths to deliver.

I would like to thank everyone who came out for the mission on a very cold and breezy December day and on motorcycles, in cars & trucks. Your dedication and commitment to thanking our HEROES is a testimony as to where your hearts are as well as your character.