Ride Report posted for Lenny

The weather outside was frightful, but the mission results were so delightful!…sorry, it’s Christmas.

Pulling up to our rally point was a great relief for me.  16 cages and 6 bikes on a cold rainy Saturday.  Along with WWR were members of the local American Legion and VFW posts.  Two of Falls Twp. finest wanted to escort us to Zack’s house.

Before we left our rally point our own FUNGI (Pete) did some magic with our honor coin.  The person who set up this mission is also a Vietnam Vet.  I don’t need to say anymore than the coin and honor beads have begun to heal forty years of anguish.  Thanks again Pete!

When we arrived at our Hero’s house more knots in the stomach.  No cars around, no lights on, oh no!  Not to fear.  A few minutes later here comes our hero.  Much to his surprise all the commotion on the street was for him. 

What a fine young man PFC Scott is.  He couldn’t thank us enough for doing this for him.  Well Zack, THANK YOU!!!

Zack made sure he thanked every single person there, including one of the VFW members who couldn’t get out of his cage.  Yes, a Korean Vet with an oxygen tank on the front seat told me he wouldn’t miss this for the world.  UNBELIEVABLE!!!

The ride to the airport was one of the more memorable ones for me.  Rekindling an old friendship with the vet coined by FUNGI, my first send off and maybe riding on Int. 95 in a snowstorm on 2 wheels.

We will be here to welcome Zack home when he returns from Afghanistan.

Thanks to all that braved the elements to make this mission successful.  You guys on the bikes are truly amazing.  Thanks to AHW and American Sheepdog for showing up at the airport.  Thanks also to Falls Twp., PSP and Philly’s finest for the flawless escort.  

Len Nikoden

Proud NAVY Dad 

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget the way you made them feel”.  Maya Angelou